How to Plan an Unforgettable Family Vacation to Paris

For those not dismayed by the plot of Home Alone, but perhaps even inspired by it, taking a family vacation to Paris is (for many) a once in a lifetime opportunity. Furthermore, if you are taking children with you on your international journey, there is no place more fitting to stay than at Disneyland Paris.


Seamlessly From the Airport to Disneyland

To avoid confusion, delay, and getting lost in Paris, plan ahead not only on your airline tickets and Disneyland resort reservations, but also on your transport from Charles de Gaulle International Airport direct to your Disneyland hotel and back.

Book online Paris airport to Disneyland private taxi services to ensure a smooth transition. Remember that Charles de Gaulle is the second-busiest airport in all Europe, handling some 65 million passengers a year. It’s the last place in the world you want to get lost or “temporarily stranded.”

Meet and greet upon arrival and immediate private shuttle service to/from your Disney accommodations, in a vehicle sized to your family’s needs and outfitted for maximum comfort: that’s well worth a quick online appointment!

You will need at least 45 minutes to get to CDG airport from Disneyland, so plan your pickup with enough time to reach the airport without issues.


 Family Vacation to Paris


Disneyland Paris is the most-visited theme park in all Europe, which maybe is an argument for why it should have kept its original name of “Euro Disney Resort”. It has much more, of course, to offer than Cinderella-style castles and life-sized versions of Mickey Mouse greeting the kids.

You will find spas, shops, sports events, fitness centers, and a host of other “adult” activities to engage in at the very same place that your kids are so eager to stay.


Other Paris Must-Sees for Your Family Vacation

Disneyland hotel is also a great jumping-off point from which to explore the rest of Paris. With a sizable family and limited time, you may not be able to get away from the resort too often (and you may not want to!), but here are a few “must-sees” you should try to include:

1. The Eiffel Tower

An icon of Paris since the 1889 World’s Fair, around 7 million people ascend the to the upper story of this 1,063-foot-tall tower every year. You can walk up the 1st and 2nd levels on the stairs if you wish, but the lift is also available which is the only way to get up the 3rd and highest level. Enjoy the view and dining at an Eiffel Tower cafe, where authentic French cuisine awaits your taste buds.

2. The Louvre Museum

This is the largest art museum on the face of the earth. It houses 38,000 objects of art that span the centuries from Ancient times to the recent past and cover widely dispersed regions of the globe. The museum’s building (the Louvre Palace) is also a sight to see: it began as a Medieval fortress, then a private royal museum, and finally the home of France’s national art treasures during the French Revolution.

3. The Arc de Triomphe

The “Arc of Triumph” is another important landmark of Paris. It is a grandly designed structure with an observation deck on top. But its importance lies in the names of all Revolution and Napoleonic era generals and the battles they won, for France, inscribed on it. And the French version of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is also at the site.

4. Notre Dame

This is the setting of the famed novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but even without its literary fame, it is an impressive sight. Notre Dame Cathedral is built in the Gothic style, dates from the 13th Century A.D., is outfitted with arresting architectural effects such as gargoyles, and will be a memorable stop for every visitor of Paris.