4 Careers that Allow You to See the World and Earn a Living

Do you want to travel the world but don’t know when you’ll have enough time and money? Maybe the costs of travel are overwhelming or your office job just doesn’t give you enough vacation time to visit new places. The good news is that you don’t have to give up your spirit of adventure in exchange for a career. Here is a list of 4 careers that allow you to see the world while earning a living.


Travel Writer/Blogger

If you enjoy writing and love to travel, why not share your knowledge of travel destinations? A travel writer or blogger is an ideal career for creative types who want to see the world. There is no special education or certification required, just strong writing skills, a flair for language and a love of visiting new places. There are some full-time travel writer positions, but many people work as freelancers or write about their adventures to earn extra money on the side. While there is a lot of competition in this field, there are also a wide range of opportunities. Your articles may be featured in newspapers, magazines, websites or blogs, and you can start your own blog as well. If you love traveling and writing about your experiences, a career as a travel writer would offer you flexibility and many opportunities to pursue these passions.

Aviation Pilot

Commercial airline pilots have frequent opportunities to spend several days in different cities around the world. If you love airplanes, flying and traveling, a career as an aviation pilot would allow you to combine all three passions. Pilots make a good living, with a median salary of $105,720 per year, and you can apply to airlines that feature routes to places you want to see. There is currently a shortage of pilots, which means these jobs are in demand. And the demand isn’t going away anytime soon, as Boeing estimates that more than a half a million new pilots will be needed over the next 20 years. This career does require extensive training: a college degree, preferably in aviation or aeronautics, 250 hours of flight experience, and a pilot’s license. In addition, you must meet the requirements of a strict physical exam. If you love flying and seeing the world, this career path may be well worth exploring.


TEFL Teacher (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

If you are looking for the chance to travel abroad for extended periods of time, consider becoming a TEFL instructor. It allows you to travel for longer periods of time, with contracts commonly lasting 6 months or more. It also gives you the opportunity to help students learn English while being immersed in another language and culture. Becoming a TEFL instructor is a fairly straightforward process. Many jobs abroad require a university degree and a TESL certificate, which can be obtained by participating in a certificate program. These programs may be located on a university campus, and some are offered online. TEFL instructors are in high demand in the US and overseas, especially in South Korea, China, Thailand and Vietnam. Being a TESL teacher is a great chance to spend an extended period of time in a different country, and gives you the chance to teach a valuable skill while doing so.

Truck Driver

Truck driving is an in-demand career that allows you to frequently travel cross country. It is ideal for those who want to explore new places, don’t want to be confined in an office, and who are introverts that don’t mind spending many hours alone. The current median salary for truck drivers in the US is $41,340, but is likely to go up as the need for drivers increases. Truck drivers are in high demand, with the industry needing tens of thousands of drivers. These jobs require a commercial driver’s license but these can be obtained relatively quickly. If you want to explore this vast country, enjoy driving and are happy being on your own, working as a truck driver may be a good fit for you.
If you are eager to travel but are held back by the expense or a lack of vacation time, identifying a career that allows you to explore new places may be an ideal solution. These four career options allow for plenty of time to visit new destinations and provide a snapshot of the many traveling careers out there. If you long for a fulfilling career that is compatible with your sense of adventure any of these career options are worth pursuing.