5 Summer Caution Tips for Wheelchair Users

The warmest season of the year is at its peak. It presses to leave your everyday life behind and start an adventurous journey to uncharted countries. Even if you do not like travelling and parting with your family members, or friendship community and going out of the comfort zone, summer won’t fail to lure you out. So many accessible beaches and resorts to go, so much experience to enjoy and so many activities to try outdoors! But summer is not only about having fun, but also about heat and challenges for wheelchair users. Read on to find out how not to let them spoil your wonderful holidays and well-being.


  1. Beach Threats

Rolling along the seashore and watching warm waves caressing sands is unforgettable meditative activity that in nearly number one priority at resorts. But do not rush on your power or manual wheelchair to the beach if you do not want to shorten its lifecycle and to strand in the sand in the hot sun. To avoid this threat, check beforehand whether beach wheelchairs are available, or the beaches are adapted for rolling along the seashore.


  1. Weather Threats


The weather can show its capricious nature at any time, contrary to the most detailed weather forecasts and expectations. By this reason an umbrella and raincoat can do a good job for you and your wheelchair in case it rains. This ‘anti-rainy set’ together with warm shoes is a must have for globetrotters who plan to spend this summer in India, Thailand, Dominicana, China, or Bali.


  1. Heat Threat


Striving to get the most out of any holidays and visiting as many sites as possible, travelers (especially newbies) do not take summer heat into account while planning their schedule. No wonder, being exposed to the hot sun for a couple of hours, people might have a heat stroke. Its symptoms vary from high temperature to cold chill, from racing heart race to nausea and diarrhea. That’s why it is important to plan your activities so that to spend the hottest hours indoors. It is a good idea to go to a local restaurant, try traditional cuisine and meet local people.

  1. Sun Threat

The appropriate sunscreen, water and light clothing are three pillars of sun protection, good look and feel-good. Otherwise, before you know it, your face burns, your body is dehydrated and you feel tired and exhausted. Besides you, your wheelchair suffers, too. Its metal or plastic elements get very hot and can burn your skin. And here you’ll won’t regret you have an umbrella, since it can protect not only from rain, but also from hot sunshine. You may wish to wear gloves to protect your hands.

  1. Wheelchair Issues

Summertime is a quite intense period for a wheelchair. It requires full maintenance before going travelling to make sure it won’t fail to function. Inspect the frame, tires, joystick, and breaks; recharge the batteries, and prepare backup maintenance. Now, being fully equipped, you are ready to travel.

Despite the fact that these safety measures are quite simple and very essential, in the summer hustle and bustle they are often neglected. Do not forget them and spend this summer to the fullest.