How You Can Travel on a Private Jet and Still Save Money

Image courtesy of Alan Light via Flickr
Image courtesy of Alan Light via Flickr

Flying on a private jet is desirable for many reasons. Chief among them are the ability to pass on the stress of airport security lines, transfers, poor-quality food, cramped quarters, and other hassles that have come to define air travel in recent years. If given the choice, most if not all travellers would choose the luxurious comfort of chartered travel over the queues and dehumanisation of commercial travel.

Why Not Fly Private?

If the advantages of private travel are so numerous, why do so many choose the stress and toil of commercial air travel? One reason and one reason only: cost. People think that the costs of a chartered private flight place its joys and comforts out of their reach.

In some cases, this may be true, but many people who assume they cannot afford private travel are actually the ideal private flight consumer. They just don’t know it yet.

Is This Too Good to Be True?

Depending on your individual circumstances – both professionally and personally – you may be able to travel on a private jet while still saving money. Over time, the costs/benefits curve may bend in a way to make private travel both a personal luxury and the fiscally prudent choice. The idea of traveling on a private jet and still saving money may seem too good to be true, but read on to find out how you can make it a reality.

Remember: The Costs of Flying Go Beyond Air Fare

In almost all scenarios, commercial flights will beat private flights if the only cost you consider is the air fare. For businesses, this is a crucial mistake that can lead to red ink on the balance ledger. When sending employees to other cities or countries for meetings, conferences, and other events, the costs of overnight lodging, meals, and other incidental costs to the company must be considered.

For example, if you are flying to a city that is not a hotbed of commercial air activity, the trip may require multiple transfers or a stay at a hotel that costs hundreds of pounds per night. In such a scenario, a chartered plane that can eliminate the overnight stay, transfers, additional meals and other costs can end up saving money for the company.

Additionally, time is money when it comes to employee productivity. Allowing an employee to have more time at home or at the office rather than wasting it at airports is favourable for reasons that go beyond the initial cost of travel.

Do You Live Near a Major Metropolitan Airport?

The economics of air travel are increasingly making it difficult if not impossible for smaller regional airports to compete. This is resulting in expensive air fares for those who survive. For those who do not make it, local residents must incur the costs of traveling to the nearest large airport. This can result in costs for staying in a hotel and renting a motor car. In such cases, it can be cheaper to fly private from a small airport rather than going out of your way to fly commercially.

The More the Merrier

The cost of operating a private jet or prop-plane are roughly the same whether there is one passenger or the plane is at full capacity. This makes flying as a group the right choice for individuals and companies that wish to reduce the costs associated with flying private. Filling the seats on a private jet can result in individual fares of a few hundred dollars per person rather than thousands per person. When you factor in the costs associated with commercial travel – both in terms of pounds and time – flying your group on a private jet could save money for everyone involved.

Private Jet Card Membership Has Its Perks

Private flights do not have to be like commercial flights where you continually scour the internet for the best “deals”, bouncing back and forth between carriers. Private travellers and corporations that do not wish to invest in their own aircraft can purchase an individual or group membership in a private jet service. A private jet card membership is a great way to enjoy the many benefits of private flying while building an ongoing relationship with a travel company you can trust.

Becoming a member can provide you with the best available rates on all types of aircraft around the world. Membership is also a great way to ensure you will receive the utmost in customer service, as a private travel company has a lot to lose if you take your business elsewhere. They are literally earning you continued business with each trip you book, incentivising them to make sure your trip is seamless, luxurious, and convenient.

If your air travel needs vary from trip to trip, access to a fleet of aircraft is another benefit that makes membership worthwhile. Prop planes can be used for shorter trips or for destinations with smaller air strips, while you can rely on jets for longer trips to larger airports.