Accessible travel: let FlightHub count the ways!

Accessible travel: let FlightHub count the ways!

Back in 2012 on the heels of the Paralympic games in London, the design studio of Priestmangoode came up with an innovating design and solution to facilitate travel for those who required additional assistance. The Air Access was seen for many as the solution for folks with limited mobility looking to stay comfortable on their flight to their destination. With its sleek design and streamline finishing’s, the chair fit perfectly into place in designed seats, allowing for a comfortable plane ride over without the stress typically included for those who travel with mobility needs.

However, the implementation of these chairs seem to be few and far between. According to FlightHub’s research, no airline has officially implemented these chairs into their aircrafts, meaning that despite the option for accessible travel, the Air Access remains a theoretical design.

Air Access from PriestmanGoode. on Vimeo.

Not having accessible chairs for people with disabilities means that travel is seen more as a daunting task than an exciting trip. Oftentimes, the idea of coordinating a trip is met with resistance or loopholes that need to be navigated, and the feeling of being overwhelmed persists. But despite the snail-like reforms affecting the airline industry, there are still plenty of ways in which folks with disabilities can travel in comfort and ease.

While planning your trip, remember that flight attendants and on-ground airline staff are there to support you and help you out in whatever way that may be. From transportation through security, to boarding, staff are equipped with the means to help you navigate the travel process as seamlessly as possible.

When deciding to travel, looking at options such as cruising, is a great way to get everything you want from a vacation and more without ever worrying about the actual stress of travel.

According to FlightHub review, cruises are oftentimes associated with the most luxury travel out there. Between the fine dining, the nightly shows and the outstanding design of the ships, these cities of the seas dominate the travel industry. What most people are unaware of is how accessible cruises are for those with disabilities. These ships have been designed and curated to ensure that everyone who boards the vessel can enjoy their time to the fullest. Companies like Royal Caribbean continually outdo themselves on the grandeur and size of their fleet, all the while maintaining accessibility in mind for their guests. Their cabins are widely and positively reviewed as being accessible for both manual and ECV. From wide entry doorways, to roll-in showers, the rooms are equipped with the guest’s needs in mind.

For entertainment cruises lines are dedicated to providing their guests with access to all the spotlight features the ship has to offer. Whether you want a lift in the pools or the whirlpools, or access to the onboard casinos or theatres, people with disabilities never need to worry about potentially missing out on an activity. Cruise liners create a sense of inclusion while aboard their ships, making this one of the best options for travelers looking to explore.

In addition to all the on-board activities, cruises offer port excursions for their guests, allowing them to explore the destinations with ease and confidence!