Exploring Southern California With a MobilityWorks Van Rental

Ready to go explore Santa Monica!
Ready to go explore Santa Monica!

As a world traveler that also happens to be in a wheelchair, I am pretty accustomed to waiting for long periods of time. When I arrive in a new destination I always wait quite a while for my wheelchair to be brought up so that I can get off the plane and I usually wait even longer for a wheelchair accessible taxi to take me from the airport to my hotel. Accessible taxis are few and far between in many parts of the world and I have actually waited more than three hours for an accessible taxi in Los Angeles before, but not this time. During my recent visit to Los Angeles, no time was wasted waiting on a cab thanks to my awesome van rental from MobilityWorks.


wheelchair accessible van rental los angeles


MobilityWorks currently offers van rentals at all 33 of their locations throughout the United States. They also offer affordable rates, allow you to drive up to 100 miles per day, and have a van to suit any traveler. There are rear-entry and side-entry minivans available, but they also have premium luxury minivans or full sized vans if that’s what you prefer. While in Southern California, I used a brand new Toyota Sienna side-entry minivan and it made our time exploring so much fun. At home I have an older van so it was a nice change to have something a little newer and with more cool car accessories for a week.


wheelchair accessible van rental los angeles


The van had a slide out ramp and tie-downs in the front passenger seat area so that I could be secure in the van while taking in the scenic views of downtown L.A. from the front. The views along the Pacific Coast Highway were even better though and if you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth driving on the PCH from Santa Monica to Malibu. If taking in the views of the stunning coastline while driving isn’t enough however, then consider stopping in Santa Monica. There is a 26 mile paved path that runs right along the beach, making it one of the most accessible beaches in California.


wheelchair accessible van rental los angeles

wheelchair accessible van rental los angeles wheelchair accessible van rental los angeles 

This was the first time that I have ever had a van rental and it made exploring so much easier. Without the rental, I would have had to call (and wait on) an accessible taxi every time that I wanted to go somewhere. Since there was no waiting, I got to visit many notable places with ease including Griffith Observatory, Warner Bros Studios, Hollywood, and the beaches. Having a rental from MobilityWorks truly made my trip to Southern California one that I will never forget.


View of LA from Griffith Observatory

View of LA from Griffith Observatory

wheelchair accessible van rental los angeles wheelchair accessible van rental los angeles

If you would like an accessible rental for your next vacation, check out the MobilityWorks site now and start planning your next adventure!





  • I am really glad these things exist, and you can more easily get around and see some awesome sites. It also makes me wonder why I havn’t see more of California myself!

  • chrysoula says:

    I am happy that you found Mobility works car rental. I hope other companies take example and offer these services around the world!

  • Don says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips and insights to help other travelers who are in a similar situation sight-see. Hope that these services expand to more cities and other countries so travelers who need assistance traveling do not have to wait for transportation. Inspiring stuff!

  • Hi Cory – Sharing this resource and knowing they’re available in so many locations is a huge service. Having lived in Los Angeles – ahem, more than a couple decades ago – I can attest to the difficulties in getting around without readily available wheels. Let’s hope this becomes an example for other companies around the world to follow suit!

    • Cory Lee says:

      Yeah, LA is a crazy city to try and get around in with no wheels. So thankful to have had this van from MobilityWorks while I was there! :)

  • Jennifer says:

    Having that rental looks like it made all the difference for your trip! I applaud your patience with travel in general and appreciate that in this case you didn’t need to use it very much!

  • Cory, it is great that you are able to hire your own mobility van – I am sure it makes travelling a lot easier. My dad also has mobility issues so it is certainly an issue every time he leaves home for us as well.

  • I bet it will be hard to go back to taxis after having a rental – it definitely gives you more freedom. LA is such a driving city too – I have been there twice and we took buses which took hours to get anywhere. Friendliest bus drivers I have ever come across though

    • Cory Lee says:

      Will definitely be hard to go back to taxis. Lol! But luckily, MobilityWorks offers rentals all throughout the USA so that will be very helpful!

  • Brilliant. Freedom for you and you must use them and make the most of your travels.

  • Hey Cory, so glad you can share this information. I would have no idea where to begin to look for such a rental. What a great way to get around and enjoy the surroundings.

  • Aileen says:

    Great post! I’ll keep this in mind when I ever land in the United States. Anyhow, I’m glad that you found them! It can be a pain to look for taxis all the time.

  • Stacey Valle says:

    this a great post! It would definitely help a lot of people who definitely need this! I’m glad you found MobilityWorks and sharing your find to make a difference! I really hope there will be more accessibility around the world

  • Marie-Carmen says:

    Those are amazing and it’s a great thing that they are that available! I wish it would be the same around the world! Hopefully that might give some ideas to over new companies to go the same way!

  • Mary says:

    That is excellent, I had no idea you would be able to rent a van like that, I’ve often wondered how that must be one of the more difficult aspects to travel. Thanks for answering those questions of mine.

  • sarah says:

    What a great company. Hopefully brands like this and your promotion of them will increase resources like this worldwide.

  • Anna says:

    It’s good to see that there’s a rental car companiy making this possible for you! Hopefully, other companies will offer a service like that as well soon.

  • It’s great that you are sharing this with others about companies that make mobility a priority for those who need it the most. And others with similar needs will be able to now travel with less stress! Thanks for this post.

  • Alli says:

    I’m so happy to hear that you found this company making you have such a memorable and enjoyable trip! Thanks for sharing – hopefully word will spread and more opportunities like this will arise to many more people! :)

  • I can’t believe you’ve had to wait so many hours for taxis! I’m really glad you had a better experience with a van and that you had so much more time to have adventures!

  • This is a great resource and I’m glad you found it! You really do need a car in LA in general, I always tell people that! It’s hard enough waiting on a regular taxi so it must be a real pain waiting for an accessible taxi. I will share this post on my Facebook wall :)

  • Gretta says:

    What a difference this made for you! Wouldn’t it be nice if all vehicle rental companies offered wheelchair accessible vans too? At least Mobility Works is in multiple cities. Hopefully they’ll keep expanding! Glad you were able to have an even better stay in SoCal.

  • Nearly 50 new and used vehicles typically on-site in LA, you can actually try out the latest mobility options and personally experience what will work best for you.

  • They offer accessible vehicle of any kind luxurious as well as simple according to customer requirements at fair prices.

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